Thursday, January 27, 2011

Closer To You

Funny how things just "happen" in our lives...Things that we pray for...and then we stand back and act surprised...or shocked...That we prayed for something...and it actually happened...

I can't even begin to put down the number of things that have been going on in my life and the life of my families as of late that we are calling "God things"...I find that the more time I am spending in His word, and praying, growing closer to Him...the more things I can "see"....I listen to music differently, the songs that I have heard over and over on our christian radio station...just seem to pop out at me...I am in constant amazement....Our God is an amazing God...He wants a personal relationship with us. I know that. I have been raised in church. I grew up with this stuff. But until the past few weeks, realized that "knowing isn't doing"....We can know things all of our lives, but until we actually take what we know, and put it into is useless....I do KNOW that I am saved...I remember the actual day, place, and all the details of what led up to making the desicion to make Christ the Lord of my life....But we get into a to speak...of our everyday stuff....from work, to wrestling practice, cooking dinner, dance, basketball, church, and do it all over again....that we aren't walking the walk on a daily basis....We tend to let the stuff of everyday life take over...and forget that He is there...wanting us to spend time with Him...Wanting us to put Him first in all our our hearts and lives...period...above all else...So, my question is...What are we going to do about it? Continue on, doing our stuff, running around, without focus? Or are we going to put Him first? Making a difference in our lives...and the lives of those around Loving like He loves...I just want to be Closer to You....

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  1. Wow... I know - you are right... It's amazing how he will wake you up, isn't it?