Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose

One of mine and James favorite television shows is Friday Night Lights...We have watched it for almost 5 years now...and last night was the final episode...I sat there watching, crying the entire time...It's almost as if we know these characters personally...I feel that Coach Taylor and his wife, Tami, Tim Riggins, Matt Sarason....all of our favorite characters seem so real. No,
I haven't lost my mind...I know they are just actors. But the characters they play, the serious problems that they are dealing with ARE real.

 I love how Coach Taylor prays with his football team before games. He loves the kids he coaches with all of his heart. Watch this clip of him praying with his team before the championship game
He puts 100% into anything he does. Reminds me of someone I know....Maybe that's why I love him so much...He reminds me of James =)  He loves his wife. He would do anything, ANYTHING to help her reach her dream. Even giving up something he loves to do.  She sacrificed many things for him too, so that he could coach football...It was a give and take relationship...but it was an easy thing to do for someone you love.
That is what we should be teaching our children about marriage...It's not easy, but it's worth it. With God in the center of your marriage. You can do anything. Overcome obstacles that you think are impossible to overcome. But it is a give and take from both people. God has to be in the center...Marriage is spending FOREVER with your best friend. I feel blessed to have that in my life.

Not sure why I felt that I should post about "Our Show" it spoke to me last night...I know that God can speak to you in many ways...Who would have ever thought that it would be through a fictional character on tv...But it really made me think....When God speaks, we need to listen. and Follow HIM...Sometimes giving up something in life isn't easy. But if it is God's will for your life. Don't hesitate, submit to Him. Pray without ceasing. Study His word. You will be amazed at how he will speak to you...Even through a show on television...One of the things Coach Taylor always said to his team before a game was "Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose"....I think that is so true...If you have your eyes you can Focus on God, Your heart full..of His word. You can't anything....
With God ALL things are possible...

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