Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let It Go

These words are so easy to say.
But although it is a simple statement, the action behind it=Difficult.
I know that God has a plan for me, I know that He is in control of all the stuff that is going on around me. But knowing something and actually acting on it are two totally different things.

God speaks. I have always known this, but I absolutely have never heard Him, like I have in the past few months. I am amazed at how everything I read, everything I hear on the radio, ALL seems to be saying the same thing...LET IT GO...Trust Him, He is in Control, He has a plan for you...The funniest little things...=) I was reading a fellow bloggers site, and she was doing a giveaway...a book about...guess what...Following God's will...Trusting Him...the general topic of my heart as of late...I thought, I will enter this...sounds like a good read....Yes, you guessed it...I won...I NEVER win anything...I have read 5 books in the past month...all talking about the same thing...One book, I got as a Christmas gift, before I ever went to Haiti...Sermons at church, Sunday School lessons...We even went to see Bob Smiley, a Christian comedian...When he was closing his performance...He spoke on following your dream, using your talents...I a comedy...I know He is speaking..Why it is so hard to simply obey? I guess the biggest thing is fear...Financial concern...Not wanting to put stress on my family, worry over instability? What if? I know, I know...Other people have had these same feelings...The Isrealites? Leaving Egypt...not knowing where they were going or what was going to happen.....Abraham? Took his son, led him up a sacrifice him...not knowing why...just obeying...Noah? Build an ark?that sounded crazy...Why? But he obeyed....Jonah? He really wanted to do things His way...tried it..not such a great way to end the belly of a whale...David? A little guy...fighting a giant? Seems Impossible...God is calling me "out of Nursing"...and to pursue something He gave me a heart for. Doors have opened.One by One. He keeps telling me to Let it Go. I am very OCD. I like things to be in my control. I am not a fan of someone telling me what to do. Ask James ;) I like to plan it out, be in charge, and do it my way. So for God to ask me to Let Go of my job..without a stable income...seems crazy to me..but when I put it in perspective...I would think that Noah, David, and Jonah probably thought the same thing....

So today, I laid down my OCD tendencies...hee hee..I drove a different route to work, I parked in a different parking spot, walked in a different way to the hospital, and took a different set of stairs.... I have worked as a nurse at the same hospital for more or less 15 years. I ALWAYS do the same routine. Never change it. EVER. Today I did. And it felt good. =) It was just a sign to me that I can do this. Change is hard, but won't kill me. I want to obey Him, follow Him with everything in me. I know this is what He wants me to do. So today, I told my manager about my plan. Letting Go, so I can Let God =) Loving Him more each and every day...God Bless.

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  1. Love your story and YES God is speaking...Loud and Clear! You have a beautiful family. Your book is in the mail ~ I can't wait ti hear how God uses it!