Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Lord is My Rock

I recently attended Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. I have listened to their pastor online for almost a year. James and I had an opportunity to attend a Scentsy meeting (the direct sales business I am a part of) in Charlotte, and I was so excited about actually getting the opportunity to worship at Elevation. Some people don't get it. And I am not asking you to. I am not posting this to create any type of discussion about contemporary worship services verses traditional worship ect. This is my opinion.....
My heart was touched while I was there. People of all types. From different backgrounds. Different ages. No one looked at skin color, tattoos, or being "different" as "bad". There is a sense of peace that comes from loving as Christ loves. I think  back to the Bible times, and Jesus loved the lowest of the low. He didn't judge someone for their past. He didn't judge someone because they were "different". He loved them with a love as only He could have. I know we can't be perfect. I know that Jesus is the only one is was sinless. But I do know that we are to strive to be more like him. Every day. Love those who are unlovable. Be there for people that others try to "get away" from. We all have faults, and we need to quit looking at everyone else's and do what we are here to do. Share the love that Christ died for......with everyone we know. No matter what. I have such a burden for this lately. I just can't seem to understand why we shun certain people away because they are not like us. Those are the people that He wants us to go to. Why can't we understand that? I want the Lord to be my Rock. In all things. I want to share that with others. Why do we let things get in the way? Why do we keep putting things before Him? I am writing this to myself as well. So, don't think I am judging. My prayer this morning, is that we will See life through His Eyes. He loves the unlovable. He has to because he loves me<3
When the waters rise
My hope is sure
When my world falls apart
I stand secure
When my way is dark
Your light breaks through
When i don't feel you near
Your word is true
Jesus your love surrounds me
You're holding my life
Holding my life
The Lord is my rock
And i won't be afraid
i wont be afraid
You're with me
When the waters rise
My hope is sure
When my world falls apart
I stand secure
Oh God you carry us
You rise above
You lift us up

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