Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Not Who I Was

Gossip. Really? Last time I checked I am not in middle school anymore...Not that I am calling anyone out. But I am sure at some point or another in our lives. We have all been guilty. To some level. Everyone we come in contact with has a "story" a "history" of some sort. Even I do. I am not the type of person who cares to share my story. I love to share it. Someone may need to hear that my life isn't perfect. I struggle. With lots of things. Depression. Stress. Anger. I personally feel that God allows us to go through the "rough times" to strengthen us. Realize our NEED for Him. Sometimes this opens our eyes, and other times, we just keep doing whatever it is we are doing...until we face yet another difficulty...It's similiar to how we discipline our children. When they continue to do the wrong thing over and over, we give them a "wake-up" using some sort of discipline. Whether it be spanking, time out, grounding...Whatever we choose...We still choose something. God is the same way. He wants us to realize that we NEED Him.  He wants us to realize that He is the ONLY way to get out of whatever mess we have gotten ourselves into. And sometimes that means...a rough road.  So, do I have a point? Yes. =) It is not our place to "talk about" anyone's "rough road"...Unless it is used to bring others closer to God. To Give Him the Glory. Never to bring someone down. I am not sure what has happened in our culture today that makes this "ok". It's not. Under any circumstance. And that's how I feel about that.

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29

See? It's in there. In Black and White. I don't have a difficult time understanding it...Seems to make sense to me....=)

This happened this morning. Someone said something about someone's past. Really? Do we have to go there? She may kill me for this, but she knows my heart. I am writing this because of my sister. She is one amazing person. My sister has had a rough time in the past. I won't go into details about it. Because of what I have been writing about ;) BUT...I will say this. I love her. and I truly look up to her. She has faced more in her life, than I could ever think about. She hit rock bottom, and when she did. She had no where to look but UP!!! And guess who was standing there with His arms open wide. Our Lord and Savior. He doesn't judge our past. He doesn't care how "dirty" we are. He doesn't care what people say about us, it doesn't affect Him in the least. Because He died for us. Ask her. I'm sure she would LOVE to tell you about it. When we reach up to Him, he picks us up, brings us close to Him. No Matter What. 

I love this song by Brandon Heath. The name is "I'm Not Who I Was"...None of us are. If we have a relationship with Jesus Christ you can't be. Who you were is gone. You are new in Christ. Now, we just have to put it into action. Daily.

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