Friday, April 15, 2011

I will Give you Peace

I heard this song this morning....and I had to come home and look it I could hear all the words....It is beautiful. I don't know why I am always shocked (for a lack of a better word) at how God speaks to me. I would love to say that the "stuff" I have been dealing with....I have just prayed about, and gave it to Jesus...and now that I have done that. No more worries. That would be the correct way to handle things. But, I am human. I am a touch OCD. I do like to be in control of situations. So, yeah, the "not worrying, and the trying to "handle things on my own" is still going on...I sincerely believe that is what I should do. But beginning to wonder if I will ever get to that point. Believe me, I am trying =)

Not going to write a long entry. Just listen to this song. I hope it touches you as much as it did me this morning.

 I see you lying their whispering prayers
I hear you breathing out hollowed be thy name
Holding out my hand catching every tear
Oh my child I'll never leave your side

I will give you peace when the walls come crashing down
I will give you peace through the night
When you've had all you can take can't face another day
I'll give you peace, I'll give you peace

For such a time as this I have you here
Chosen for the lost to show I'm near
Through your brokenness my glory shines
And through your frailty my strength will rise

Your beautiful, your beautiful
Perfect in my sight
Righteousness adorns you my bride
Your beautiful, so beautiful

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