Saturday, December 18, 2010

100 Joys

I have read blogs for years...My "blog reading" has slowed down considerably...Especially since Facebook came along...I think it sort of got me out of the blogging world..

But one blog, I have continued to follow is Sarah Markley's...and right now, she is doing a Joy Project....Where she is photographing, and listing 100 Joys during the month of December....Trying to get away "mentally" from the hustle and bustle of this time of year....and actually focus on Joy....I thought this was a great idea, so therefore, I am going to participate...I did get a late start....but I am not on anyone's timeline...It is my blog...=)

First thing I wanted to do was define
Joy-the emotion evoked by well being, success or good fortune; or by the prospect of possessing what one desires; a source or cause for delight....
So, right now, what would I say is a source of Joy in my life....
1. my Spiritual Walk-something that I have taken for granite for quite some time...but as of late, my time with my Lord is what keeps me going on a day to day basis.
2. Winter is a difficult time of year for me. Snow. Cold. Dark. Cloudy. Depressed. That pretty much defines me this time of year. I can stay in my house, and not come out until Spring. But I have to mentally make myself get out and "go". So my job, believe it or not, is a source of Joy in my life right now. I have had the opportunity to come in contact with some amazing people, who have things a lot worse than me going on in their lives right now, and it has been a blessing to me.
3. My family-These people I live with....they may be crazy.wild.out of control sometimes. But they are one of the biggest sources of Joy in my life...Spending time with them is my favorite thing to do....Watching "Clash of the Titans" (NOT my type of movie at ALL!!!) all snuggled up on the couch...sharing my heart...and my life with them. JOY at it's best.
4. I can't believe that in a little over a week, I will be in another country. Haiti. Serving as a nurse. God sure does have a sense of humor. Because I would have never in a thousand years, imagined this trip happening....I sometimes wonder if I am doing "God's will for my life". working as a nurse...Is there something else out there? More to what I am supposed to be doing? Not sure about all the details, but for now-He wants me to go to Haiti. Knowing that, and having a PEACE beyond understanding. Brings me Joy.
5. Friends that pray for me. love me as I am. and support me in all the crazy things I do....
6. Not as serious, but still a Joy. Scentsy. Scentsy has been a huge blessing in our lives. It has more than paid for all of our Christmas shopping. Has helped me to make new precious friends, and I can see it being a blessing down the road. Nothing like owning your own business, to make you feel like you can and will accomplish something. and that matters to me.
7. My Church Family. If you don't have a church family. Not really sure how you get through life. The people in my Sunday School class are like family to me. A Second family. We trust them with our children, our secrets, our hearts. One thing we share with them is our Love for our Lord. and that is simply amazing.
8. Choir. I would have never thought I would be a part of a church choir. Singing is not one of my "skills". LOL....I don't ever plan on doing a solo, or anything like that. But singing in the choir is something I knew God wanted me to do. I know some people don't "get things like that", but while Macey and I were in NYC, I felt like God wanted me to join the choir at church when we got home. So, I did. and Believe me, it is such a blessing in my life. Brian, our worship pastor, is truly dedicated to God, and to worship. Sometimes, I can be in the middle of the worst week ever, and choir practice is the last place I want to be, and always find JOY there. Worshipping our Lord=JOY..=) No other explanation required....

Well, that's a start to my list....I have no idea how long it will take me to write about 100 Joys. But I am not on a time scale. Just wanting to change my focus somewhat this time of year. Not wanting to get caught up in the shopping. decorating. and all the stuff that is going on. Wanting to focus inward. on my heart. on my Lord.

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