Sunday, August 7, 2011

Me? A Mighty Warrior?

Being at home, on physical restrictions, has definitely given me a lot of time to just "think". Something that I like to do anyway. I love to catch up on my blogs, read my bible studies, and journal. Silly things that seem to be a sort of therapy for me. Writing has always been something that I have enjoyed. As a teenager, in high school, I journaled. Daily. I have books and books full of my high school years, things I did, places I went, feelings, ect. and I just love to look back through them, and am amazed at how "real" it makes those memories. Just a good way to keep memories my mind. anyway <3

I have always said the perfect job to me would be to vacate to a beach cottage somewhere up north, rocky coast line, wind blowing, white curtains, and white furniture with my laptop. I would love to sit down and actually write a book. Not really sure if it's a possible thing. But really have always had that dream....I can imagine it now, the windows open, breeze blowing through the open screens, and the thousands of ideas that are always flying around in my mind~somehow getting put down on paper~in some sort of order~to make a book. Thoughts that I have had over the past 6 months or so, things that I wish I could use to help others who have dealt with similiar situations. Just something that has been on my mind. Who knows? Maybe I will attempt it. Especially if God wants me to. =) 

This journey that He has put me in, has ever so changed my perspective on life. I know I have said it before, but I can't begin to say it enough. When God opens your eyes. You know it. There is NO accidental occurences in our lives. I say there is divine appointments. All things that we face on a daily basis are for a purpose. It is what we choose to do with the cards we are given that will make the difference. We all have a weak place. A "crack in our armor" so to say. And that one crack in our armor will get us everytime. If we allow it to. Everytime that we seem to "hit that wall of resistance" we have to give it to Him. Turn it over. Lay it Down at His feet. The enemy wants to rob us from experiencing God's gifts-by causing us to want to quit, or to simply give up. Because Life is just "too hard". God told Gideon, in Judges 6:12 "God is with you, Mighty Warrior". Gideon was scared, felt incapable, but yet God called him MIGHTY WARRIOR. He is calling us all Mighty Warriors. God is sending us. We will face resistance. Guaranteed. Will we move through it? God is with us. I am HIS. I'm gonna start with what I have, and do what he said. Go and Share my gospel with others. We love to talk about alot of things with other people, church, sunday school, socials, gatherings. But it is so hard to talk about the important things. JESUS. Everytime we introduce someone to Jesus, the devil loses again. and Jesus has already won. We are the vehicle that He has chosen to connect others to Jesus Christ. Let's not fall short on this one. I know I am ready to be a Mighty Warrior. How about you?

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