Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today, the weather was yucky. Rain, rain, and more rain. Dark and gloomy...ugh. For a girl who loves summer....this kind of day just doesn't do much for me. But as I was heading to school to pick up my kiddos...I saw this rainbow....Like I have said before...This 365 project isn't about the "perfect" photo for me. It is simply to tell a story. So, even though there are electric wires and raindrops on my windshield in this pic from my is a rainbow. God reminded me of his promise. On this day, when I was a little down. Gotta love that.  
Then I picked up this smiling face....Miss Macey....and you can't help but smile...So today, I have more than one picture that will end up happening more often than not...But that's ok...Because it's my 365 =)
 I was being silly...and made Macey and Holly make funny

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